Friday, July 22, 2011


Hi Friends, I hope those of you who are in the very hot areas, are keeping cool and if you happen to be in a cold movie theatre and are at the candy counter wondering what yummy snacks to enjoy while you are watching a movie...DO NOT CHOOSE POPCORN. Oh my! So I didn't really listen very well to my dentist when he told me not eat popcorn while wearing a palate expander, but you can't blame a boy for well, not listening. I didn't listen to my mother or my dentist or the nice lady so I ate popcorn. I love it. I love it. And it smells so good when you go the movie, but guess what? Yesterday I went to the dentist for a cleaning (my palate expander is on Monday) of my teeth and guess what, the hygenist found the popcorn stuck in my palate expander, you knkow in the place in the back where it is attached to your teeth.  So boy oh boy, did I hear about it. She was nice about it but really I have to learn tohold out one more month till I get this off. So, I will try not to eat popcorn, and I am telling you guys don't eat it either, okay. We can be "no popcorn buddies"until we get the palate expander off.

Now this is a message to Shoshana in Israel who is getting her palate expander in a month. She is 9 years old and her mother writes that she has issues with pain. Shoshana, everything will be okay.  All of us are either going through this or have finished going through it. You will be fine. If anybody has any suggestions to help her or others going through this, can you please send me a comment and I will post them. All of us will have the most wonderful teeth when we are done and beuatiful mouths.

Your Friend,

P.S. Remember, do not eat popcorn. I have to keep telling myself that.


  1. Dear Colin,

    I am getting an expander soon and I'm 11. im scared that the expander will widen my face and change my appearence. I'm also scared it will change how i talk. please help.


  2. Hi Colin!

    Actually, I eat foods like popcorn all the time and I have a mouth expander and braces! I asked my orthodontist about it and he told me "It's not about what foods you eat, it's about HOW you eat it". He said it's perfectly fine to eat foods like popcorn, as long as you're a good cleaner. Unfortunatly a thorough brushing after every meal is one of the prices you have to pay for such yummy foods (We're all *suppost* to do that anyways).. Some other great ideas are mouthwash, which really helps (But if you hate it like I do, an alternative is just to rince well). I also bought toothpicks for myself. I use those when I'm not eating at my house, and toothbrushing is not an option. They are good for just spearing annoying food bits out of your mouth.

    I hope this helped a little, and Happy Brushing! (:
    -Erzsebet, 9th grader