Monday, April 29, 2013


Hi Palate Expander Friends!
I am so proud of all of you and thank you for your comments and writing such nice things to me.

The one question I keep getting lately over and over is about eating apples. Everyone seems to have trouble eating them. They get stuck! I remember that. Lots of food gets stuck and all the time you hear from your mom and your dad and your doctor and your dentist that you are supposed to eat healthy food but apples are hard. So, if you are just getting your palate expander on, you should try to eat only soft foods because it hurts but you can still eat apples, once you have that time when you don't have to turn the key anymore would probably be a good idea. If when you eat the apple and any food really, that you feel it getting stuck, remember to use that little toothbrush your dentist gives you to get it out. And don't forget to keep brushing and use mouthwash too to try and rinse the stuck food out.

Your Friend

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Hi to my Palate Expander Friends,
One of the questions that was asked of me recently was whether or not you might have to get a palate expander when you have braces. The question is YES. Here is a picture I found of what it looks like to have braces and a palate expander at the same time.  I only had my palate expander on without the braces. I don't have all of my big teeth yet so I can't have braces yet, but I was thinking about how much it hurts when you have a palate expander and it must really hurt when y ou have both so I thought about it about the food and this is what you might want to eat when you have both especially.
Soup - like chicken noodles - chunks of chicken
Scrambled eggs (those got me through the really hungry times!)
Yogurt (though I don't like it but my mom said to write it!)
mashed potatoes
drink milkshakes - yeh!
rasberries (I love them! You can kind of suck them down and suck on them and they don't make you choke!)

Don't eat anything that you are going to have to chew! Oh, I forgot, my favorite - PUDDING!

My mom says I have to put something he althy on the list so how about V-8 juice because thats vegetables and I love vegetables especially cucumbers but V-8 I find kind of gross but I guess you should have something healthy too.

What do YOU eat with your palate expander or braces????

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It worked!  My dentist is amazing! If you look at my teeth now, that wire they had put on fixed my front teeth that were going behind my bottom teeth and it really didnt hurt.
How r u guys all doing with your palate expanders???? leave a comment and i will answer you soon!
your friend

Thursday, December 27, 2012

My Tooth Adventure Goes On and On....

Happy New Year to my Palate Expander Friends!

Well, my friends, my teeth adventure is far from over. The last few months I have been going to the dentist and well not really, but I went a couple of months ago and then I got sick with a bad cough and since I have off from 4th grade this week for holiday vacation I had my appointment this morning and I was not happy. My dentist said that I have a "single tooth crossbite." which means 1 of my teeth is causing a big problem. So he had given me these popsicle sticks last time to push against my tooth but I guess it didn't work because he said today that I dont have an underbite but I have this crossbite with the one tooth. So my dentist is cool because I was getting really, really, nervous. My Mom said later on that my feet were shaking. So my dentist is smart and he said he wouldn't do an impression( thank goodness) but he needed to make up an appliance of some kind right then and there that would push this tooth out. This is my front tooth. 
So, he washed the tooth and took this brush thing and brushed it and then squirt some white stuff on it - the same stuff that they use to do fillings and then they attached a wire to my molar and then to my front tooth and this should push the tooth out.  My mom told me later that what was happening is that my bottom tooth was wearing down because of the way that I was biting. I have to go back on january 24th. That is 2 days before my birthday party.
The dentist had to take some pictures and they were nice enough to send them so I could put them on the blog. You can see in the picture how that front top tooth is going behind the bottom tooth when I bite down and now you can see the wire they put on. 

Happy New Year! Good luck with your palate expanders! I am so proud of you!
Your FriendColin

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

To My Palate Expander Friends...A Big Hello

Hi Palate Expander Friends,
I'm sorry it has taken me awhile to post again...I am now on a new dental adventure. My teeth are coming in kind of funny. One of my top two teeth is really far in and my bottom teeth are sticking out. I look kind of funny I think. Now my dentist does not want to put braces on me now so we have a new plan...I have to take a popsicle stick and push the top tooth out with it. I have to hold it in place for 30 minutes and then the bottom tooth that is really sticking out, I have to push it in with my thumb. It is painful. While I am doing it, I get a really bad pain in my jaw on my right side and in my ear. Its kind of weird.

I am so proud of all o fyou when I read all of your comments and that you are going through this palate expander dentist told me that if I hadn't done it, my teeth now would be a lot worse so I am grateful that I had it. Do you know sometimes I kind of miss it because I miss writing on here every day.

"You can do this!" Its uncomfortable and not really fun because you talk funny and it hurts to eat, and oh, your poor Moms having to turn it. My Mom still reminds me about that how she felt so bad about turning the key.

So while you are on your palate expander adventure, I am working on my popsicle adventure. Sounds funny.

You are all amazing.

Your Friend

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

You will soon have "independence" from your palate expander..joke for the day..

Happy 4th of July!

Hi Palate Expander Friends,
Happy 4th of July, Happy Summer, Happy Winter...I am saying this because we have people from so many different parts of the world reading this and I am so glad to once again say how happy I am to be helping everyone and giving everyone a nice place to write about what they are going through.
Today my Mom and I checked to see which countries are reading this blog this week and they are....USA, Canada, Qatar, South Korea, Ireland, Sweden, Australia, and Egypt. It is amazing to see how one little piece of metal can bring so many people together.
Remember to scroll down and read all the posts from the beginning so you can check out the palate expander adventure I had.
Enjoy the day and thank you for reading! Good luck to all of you!
Your Friend

Friday, May 11, 2012

Say thank you to Your Mom's

Say thank you to your Mom, because she is probably like how mine was, the one who was with you to turn the key for your palate expander everyday. Wish her the best Mother's day, because you know it couldn't have been easy for her or can't be easy for her to turn that key knowing she is going to do something that will help you in the long run but hurt you as she is doing it now. Mom's are great!

We got some new comments that I want to mention...congrautlations to Samantha, Alexa and Brandon for getting their palate expanders off! Job well done!

I am always getting private comments or emails asking what to eat...someone sent in the idea of smoothies which all you have to do is slurp up! Smart! Here is a recipe for a smoothie that is yum! It is dairy free in case there is someone out there who can't have milk.

  • 1 cup strawberries
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 4 ice cubes
  • 1 Tbsp honey
  1. Add the water and strawberries to the blender first.
  2. Then pour in the honey and lastly add the ice cubers.
  3. Blend on low and gradually move to high until everything is a red fruity liquid.
  4. Then blend on high for another 30 seconds to aerate.
  5. Enjoy your non-dairy strawberry smoothie.
Your Friend,